The Brotherhood of the Rose

The monks of the Brotherhood of the Rose are the most prominent followers of the principle of Love in Britannia, with their home in the monastery of Empath Abbey. Their name comes from the rose gardens that the monks grow and tend in the Abbey.[1]

Description Edit

The Brotherhood accepts both male and female monks, both of which wear simple robes. The monks of the Brotherhood originally had to remain silent, but the "silence is golden" tenet was dropped around the year 103.[2] Besides studying, the monks were also in charge of the Empath Abbey gardens, which had begun when druids planted rosebushes in the area years before the formation of Britannia.[1]

The monks are famous for their fine wine, which is held in high esteem throughout Britannia.[3] By the time of Ultima VII, besides tending their gardens and studying, the monks main duties revolved around winemaking.[4]

During the cataclysm prior to Ultima IX, Empath Abbey was destroyed and the order had to re-locate to Britain in the newly founded Cathedral of Love.

Evolution of the Brotherood Edit

The Brotherhood of the Rose appears for the first time in Ultima VI, mentioned by Eckhart.[1] In this game, the concept of monks forming the Brotherhood is not explicitly stated. The first mention of "monk" is in Ultima VI, referring to the robes of Britain's healer, Tiberius, but no relation to the Brotherhood is made. Only in Ultima VII the monks of the Brotherhood are mentioned for the first time, and this game ret-cons the organization to make monks and the Brotherhood exist since the time of Ultima IV.[2][3] Chronologically, the Xenkan Monks of Serpent Isle may have appeared before the Brotherhood of the Rose, but their first in-game appearance is in Ultima VII Part Two.


Ultima VIIEdit

Ultima IXEdit

References Edit

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