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Buccaneers Booty
Buccaneers Booty
Type: Armoury
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Buccaneers Booty is an armoury on the secluded settlement of Buccaneer's Den, headquarters of pirates and other assorted thugs. This establishment appears during Ultima V and Ultima VI.

History Edit

Age of Enlightenment Edit

During the tyrannical regime of Lord Blackthorn, this shop was established and owned by Kitiara. Some decades later, as the Gargish Wars started in the Realm of Britannia, the shop has a new owner; the horribly scarred Enrik.

Goods Edit

Ultima V Edit

Prices in Ultima V are as follows:[1]

Armoury Cost
Leather Helm 15gp
Leather 50gp
Dagger 1gp
Main Gauche 15gp
Short Sword 40gp
Flaming Oil 5gp
Ring of Invisibility 450gp

Ultima VI Edit

Prices in Ultima VI are as follows:[2]

Armoury Cost
Club 10gp
Dagger 10gp
Main Gauche 25gp
Oil Flask 4gp
Throwing Axe 20gp
Cloth Armour 20gp
Leather Armour 40gp
Leather Helm 10gp

References Edit

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