Budo the Fourth
Budo the Fourth, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Budo the Fourth is a direct descendant of the guild leader Budo encountered in Ultima VI and runs a provisions business on Buccaneer's Den in Ultima VII.

Upon entering his shop, the companions noted how well-kept it was, a very unusual sight for Buccaneer's Den. Budo did not hesitate to boast about his wealth, while telling the Avatar of the complete dwindling of the Guild of Thieves, of which his ancestor had once been the leader. He was also deeply loyal to the Fellowship, feeling that he owed everything to them. Indeed, he shared half his income with the organization.

Budo's shop was very well-stocked, offering weapons, armour, provisions and even a ship deed.

Later, following the destruction of the Cube Generator, the Avatar returned to coax more information from Budo with the small Cube Prism. He revealed that the Crown Jewel, Hook's ship, had been making regular trips from Buccaneer's Den to the Isle of the Avatar.

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