A bull harrasses a small child in Ultima IV
Only appearance: Ultima IV

Powerful and occasionally aggressive towards intruders, the Baratarian fighting Bull was occasionally seen in the lands at the beginning of the Age of Enlightenment. It was found in a few surface locations in Britannia, but never encountered outside of a towne or village.

The Baratarian fighting bull made a few appearances in Ultima IV:

  • A roaming bull threatened a small child in the southwest corner of Trinsic (pictured above).
  • Another pair of bulls could be found in the towne of Skara Brae.
  • Two more were located in the village of Paws. At least one of these would charge at anyone unfamiliar.

One of two bulls found in Skara Brae.


A pair of bulls in a pen in Paws.


  • Although the animal itself went unseen at the time, the Baratarian fighting Bull was used in experiments by Mondain the Wizard to create Minotaurs sometime prior to Ultima I.

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