Calan was a thief whose spirit the Avatar encounters in the Well of Souls of Skara Brae in Ultima IX.

He lived his life by stealing only from the rich, rationalizing that this was not hurting anyone and a good way to live. Once in the afterlife he couldn’t find rest, and wandered aimlessly without understanding the reason.

The Avatar made him understand that he was just lying to himself his whole life, and that the actions he committed were not good ones and would have set a poor example for his children.

Upon understanding this, Calan finally found peace and his spirit vanished after revealing to the Avatar that he can find the Book of Truth in the Lycaeum.

Trivia Edit

  • The concept of the putting down the spirit to rest is very much similar to Shamino’s tale of Virtue that was released on the Ultima IX website.
  • Due to the linear nature of the game, the Avatar may have already obtained the Book of Truth at this point, thus making the quest moot.

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