Camille, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Paws

Camille is a farmer in Paws, working on her farm together with her son Tobias.

After having already heard about her from the other inhabitants, the Avatar met her as one of the last persons in Paws in Ultima VII. She recognised the Avatar at once and revealed herself to be a follower of the Eight Virtues, which had brought her into conflict with the Fellowship. However, as a follower of the Virtues she felt it would be wrong to see all of the Fellowship's members as evil, believing that nothing can be pure evil.

She told the Avatar that since the death of her husband she had to tend to the farm alone, together with raising her son. While offering some carrots for sale, she also asked the Avatar to deliver a big bag of grain to Thurston, which the Avatar did.

However, after Garritt had framed Tobias for the venom theft, Camille begged the Avatar to clear her son's name and find the real culprit, suggesting to ask Morfin about the matter. The Avatar did reveal Garritt as the culprit and Camille felt real happy, feeling strengthened in her belief, since the Avatar doesn't discriminate between rich and poor and was there for everyone.

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