Captain Hawk
Captain Hawk, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Inn of the Sleeping Bull

Captain Hawk is the owner of the ship, Arabella on Serpent Isle, and is the only captain available at the time of the Avatar's adventures there.

After the coming of the Teleport Storms, Captain Hawk resolved to no longer accept travelers, seeing it as suicidal to sail in such conditions. He came to stay at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull, near which the Arabella was docked.

Flindo, a merchant who wished passage back to his home city of Moonshade, proved less than understanding of Hawk's decision. In an attempt to strong arm the sailor into making the voyage to the Isle of the Beyond, he bribed the local Monitorian pikemen to "convince" Hawk to make the expedition through violence. However, Flindo's scheme went awry when Hawk was arrested in the resulting fight and locked in the jail of the Sleeping Bull Tower.

In Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar, seeking passage to Moonshade, learned of Hawk's predicament and attempted to negotiate with the pikemen for his release. This proved problematic, as the extortionist pikemen demanded more and more exorbitant sums of monetari with each offer the hero made to pay Hawk's fine. Eventually they were placated with a bribe of gold bars, taken from the Brittanian Royal Mint, which had been transported across worlds by the strange storms.

Once freed, Hawk grudgingly made the voyage to Moonshade out of thanks for the Avatar's intervention, taking Flindo and the shepherd Kane along on the voyage as well. The passage was a rough one, with the storms indeed hampering travel, and once the Arabella ran aground near Moonshade, Hawk returned to his stance of refusing to travel, not wishing to test his luck again.

In Moonshade, Hawk spent his days at the Blue Boar tavern. He was eventually killed when Shamino the Anarch overtook the city. Upon searching his body and room, the Avatar found a map instructing the readers as to the location of a treasure which Hawk had ferreted away in his younger days, which included the Serpent Crown which formed a part of the regalia of the Great Hierophant.


  • In the original plot documents for Serpent Isle, Hawk is killed when Ensorcio poisons his drink, and Shamino the Anarch then congratulates the mage on an execution well done, naming him Chancellor of Moonshade. Fedabiblio who is tasked with handling matters of inheritance in his role as Magister, later informs the Avatar that Hawk willed his treasure to him or her. [1]


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