The final resting place of Captain Hawkins.

Captain Hawkins was a deceased pirate in Ultima VI.

Hawkins was an infamous dreaded pirate captain who sailed the Britannian seas on his ship 'The Empire', prior to the events of Ultima VI. His cruelty eventually caused him to be murdered by his own crew, who split up the map to his treasures amongst themselves.

Captain Hawkins had caused much destruction during his career in piracy. He personally struck off Heftimus McPry's hand in combat, and fed it to the sharks. Bonn blamed Hawkins for being shipwrecked upon Dagger Isle and the misfortune that befell him.

Captain Hawkins robbed Zoltan the gypsy while Zoltan was trying to deliver Captain Johne's silver tablet to Mariah at the Lycaeum. In the ensuing combat, the tablet was broken, and Hawkins kept the larger portion. It was buried along with Hawkins on Spektran. The Avatar was forced to reassemble the Treasure Map of Hawkins by collecting map pieces from the "Ten Pirates of Hawkins" in order to locate this buried treasure.

Trivia Edit

  • Hawkins' tombstone reads: "Here lies Captain Hawkins. He died a hard death and he deserved it." This gives an idea how much his crew hated him.
  • Captain Hawkins is a poke on the at the time CEO of Electronic Arts, Trip Hawkins.
  • It is not known if there is any relation between Captain Hawkins and Master Hawkins, the shipwright in East Britanny at The Oaken Oar in Ultima V.

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