A carriage is a wooden platform on four wheels that is drawn by a pair of horses. They are used to move large groups of people from one place to another, when horseback riding is no longer an option. The disadvantage of taking a carriage is that it has difficulty navigating narrower spaces, which, especially in several of Britannia's cities, can be a problem. Most of the larger stable typically have carriages for sale or rent.

They first became available in Ultima I, then known as a "cart". In Ultima VII, only carriages were offered by the stables, due to that installment's engine limitations. However, they really presented little to no advantage over walking by foot, and superior transportation such as the magic carpet and moongates, become available quickly enough that carriages were often underused.

Lore Edit

There is no faster mode of land travel that riding in a horsedrawn wagon. When travelling in the wilderness, the quicker one is, the safer one is. Horses and carts can be purchased from the stables in Britain.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Trivia Edit

  • Only two stables in Ultima VII offer carriages.

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