Carrocio, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia

Carrocio is the overseer of the playground right beside Castle Britannia in Britain.

When the Avatar first talked to him in Ultima VII, Carrocio spoke in rhymes all the time, while explaining the various attractions on the playground. He also spoke about his love Nell, and that they planned to get married as soon as he could afford an ring for her.

However, after Nell had revealed her pregnancy, the Avatar asked Carrocio about the matter and the man lost his cool and talked for the first time without rhyming. He gave subtle hints that he knew very well that Lord British was the real father.

He and Nell did marry some time later in a big ceremony (obviously a bribe from Lord British for their silence) and Nell gave birth to a son. The boy was with Carrocio when the Blackrock Dome cut off the castle in Ultima Underworld II.

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