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Cartography is the skill in Ultima Online which basically determines how well someone can work with maps. The skill does not only involve the creation of said maps, but also the decoding of treasure maps, which can lead to great wealth. Without this skill, the latter will be unreadably and therefore useless. Maps can only be drawn on Trammel and Felucca, not in the other worlds.

To create a map, a mapmaker's pen and blank scrolls are needed. Also, pre-drawn maps can be overdrawn.

Listed below are the minimum levels the player needs to create different sorts of maps and the levels needed to decode treasure maps:

Skill Level Craftables Skill Level Treasure Map Level
0 Local Map 30 1 - Plainly
25 City Map 71 2 - Expertly
35 Sea Chart 81 3 - Adeptly
50 World Map 91 4 - Cleverly
90 Tattered Wall Map 100 5 - Deviously
--- --- 100 6 - Ingeniously
--- --- 100 7 - Diabolically

Training Edit

To train cartography, the following items should be created at the following skill levels for fast success and gain:

Skill Level Items to create
0 - 30 Train at NPC Mapmaker
30 - 50 Create local maps
50 - 65 Create city maps
65 - 99.5 Create world maps
99.5 - 100 Decode level 3 - 4 treasure mapss

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