Castle Barataria; Planet X, 2112 A.D.

Castle Barataria was located on the mysterious Planet X of the Terran Solar System, in the Aftermath era of Ultima II.

Besides Shadowguard and the Castle of Lord British, Barataria was the only other castle found in Ultima II. A strangely-constructed fortress, almost its entire eastern wing was a maze-like labyrinth, the purpose of which was unknown.

It was also where the elusive Father Antos could be found, whose blessing was required for the Stranger to acquire the Force Field Ring from the old man in New San Antonio back on Earth of 1990 A.D.

When the Stranger repaired the damage to the timeline by destroying Minax, Castle Barataria disappeared as well.

Shops and Services Edit

  • None, although the King will raise hit points for a tribute, as does Lord British.

Trivia Edit

  • Father Antos is located in "le Chapel" in the southwest, and the Stranger can only reach him by muscling past a Guard or two.
  • Castle Barataria has the same name as a castle in The Lands of the Feudal Lords in Ultima I.

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