Chafblum, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Chafblum is the chief of the Disquiqui Tribe in Savage Empire.

Chafblum, much like the rest of the Disquiqui Tribe, was very drunk when the Avatar arrived. He originally told the Avatar that he was the father of Guoblum as well as a professional lizard wrestler, saying that the two jobs were similar. It was Larrifin who pointed out that Chafblum was the leader of the tribe, much to Chafblum's annoyance. Chafblum was happy to introduce the Avatar to his daughter, but told him that his daughter was destined to marry Jimmy Malone after they had properly fattened up the young journalist.

Chafblum was originally keen to unite his tribe so that the others would stop always attacking him. It was Larifin who suggested the Avatar would need to pass a test of virtue, bravery, and skill, an idea Chafblum quickly jumped on. Chafblum decided that the Avatar would never pass a test of virtue, so cut out that idea, but required the Avatar to drink a bowl of 'plachta' as a show of bravery, which temporarily left him blind. For the test of skill, the Avatar was required to put a noisemaker on the tyrannosaurus Sharptooth.

Lerei suggested the Avatar could put a bell on the T-rex by using the Spear of Shamap -- a regular spear with the tip soaked in 'plachta' -- to temporarily disable it. When the Avatar returned successfully, Chafblum agreed to join the alliance against the Myrmidex.

Trivia Edit

  • Chafblum is recognizable as Moe, one of the Three Stooges. He will have an interesting reaction if the word "nyuk" is mentioned to him.