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The Chaos Serpent

The red Chaos Serpent is one of the three Serpents of Serpent Isle, which maintain balance in the universe.

Together with the other two serpents, it appeared in the Lands of Danger and Despair shortly after Ultima I. It taught them its way of Chaos. When Exodus abducted the Great Earth Serpent, Chaos and Order started to argue who is superior. This in the end led to the War of Imbalance. Chaos and Order did almost everything to totally destroy their enemies, but in the end, Order won. The Chaos Serpent was ripped into three pieces, the Banes of Chaos, which were imprisoned on the Serpent Isle. Years went by, until Batlin freed the Banes.

It was the Avatar, who captured the Banes in Ultima VII Part Two, and fused them back together into the Chaos Serpent, together with the spirit of Dupre to control it. With Balance restored in the end, the Chaos Serpent remains in the Void.


The Chaos Serpent was played by Eric Brown, a programmer on Ultima VII Part Two. Its voice was intermixed with that of Dupre, played by Denis Loubet[1].


  • "Avatar! It is I, Dupre. My soul is fused with the Serpent of Chaos. I am keeping it from attacking thee. But I do not know how much longer I can hold out. Quickly thou must go to Sunrise Isle."Gnome-speakernotes


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