Charles, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia

Charles is a servant in Castle Britannia who later ascended to head butler.

The Avatar first met him in Ultima VII in the castle. During that time Charles was still a normal servant, busy with serving wine to the nobles and their guests. Charles spoke a lot about his family, including his father Benny, the head butler, his mother Boots, to kitchen chef, and his sister Nell, another servant. Charles revealed that he wasn't impressed with Nell being engaged to Carrocio and harboured not much love for the man.

Charles revealed that he had a crush on Jeanette the bar maid in the Blue Boar Tavern, but she was ignoring him until the Avatar pointed out to her, that Charles was one of the servants, and not upper class.

Between Ultima VII and Ultima Underworld II, Benny retired and Charles became head butler. He was surprised how much more work that position meant. Also, even after Nell married Carrocio and they had their son, he still couldn't stand the man. He also didn't talk much about his relationship to Jeanette.

When he was closed into the castle like everyone else in Underworld II, he stayed calm, but hadn't much to add. However, when Nanna called out the servant strike, he followed her call until the situation was solved. Later, Charles had found an interesting key and gave it to the Avatar (it opened a door in the sewers).


  • The Avatar can reveal Nell's secret (her pregnancy) to Charles in Ultima VII, which results in him getting mad and literally planning a shotgun wedding for Nell and Carrocio.

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