Classic Client, also known as the Legacy Client, is the original game client that was released with the launch of Ultima Online in September 1997. It has very low minimum specs and is highly optimized after over a decade of continual improvement. Unlike many similar games, Ultima Online's client used an "isometric" perspective, which basically seems to mean overhead, with a tilted camera. This was about the same perspective used by many of the Ultima single-player games upon which Ultima Online was based. It is still a popular client to use playing Ultima Online and especially so among veteran players.


After the installation, the patcher will automatically download the most recent game files.


CC game window


  •  ! followed by the space bar = Shout (what you say is heard two screens away)
  •  ; followed by the space bar = Whisper (what you say is heard max 1 tile away. Yet, pets/summons/allures/etc. will always hear your whisper so you can do things like whisper "all follow me" while you emote "whistles". That way looks to others as if you whistle and then your pet comes to you)
  •  : followed by space bar = Emote
  • Ctrl-Q = Circle backwards through the things you have said today
  • Ctrl-W = Circle forwards through the things you have said today
  • Ctrl-S = Salute (can be set to another macro)
  • Ctrl-B = Bow (can be set to another macro)


  • If you hold down the Shift key, when you drag items around, then you can drag an entire pile of objects without specifying a number you wish to drag
  • If you hold down the Shift key, when you buy items from NPCs, then you can buy out their entire stock with one double-click
  • Hold down the Ctrl key Shift key to have the names of all nearby objects and targets appear (handy for reaching else unreachable items and targets)


  • / = Party talk (general)
  • \ = Guild talk (general)
  • Hold down the Alt key and single click a health bar to "unlock" this health bar from the other health bars it sticks to
  • The tabulator or Alt C key/combination will toggle you in and out of combat mode


  • Hold down the Alt key and single click on a target. You will now auto-follow this target around until you either move or hold down the Alt key and single click yourself.
  • Ctrl T = Circle of transparency on/off (can be set to other macro)
  • Click the left mouse button, while the right mouse button is held down to keep moving without holding down any mouse buttons (auto-move). Right-click to end auto-movement.

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