Clint, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Clint is the shipwright of Britain in the time of Ultima VII.

Clint was once a sea man, traveling on big ships cruising the oceans. However, he finally had to settle down and became the shipwright of Britain. When the Avatar spoke to him in Ultima VII, he lamented that everything had become too peaceful for his taste, fearing that all monsters could vanish soon, and that current seamen had no idea of the hardships of the past. He preferred a fighting life. He also was set firmly against the Fellowship, feeling that people should change their lives themselves, and not let others do it for them.

The Avatar further asked Clint about the ship Crown Jewel, which was planned to arrive at Britain from Trinsic, suspecting the murderers from Trinsic being on board. However, unexpectedly, Clint told him that the ship hadn't been in Britain in a long time, rising even more suspicion.

Beside this, Clint still offered the usual sales of ships and sextants.

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