Columna, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Columna's true appearance

Columna was a powerful mage of Moonshade, a city on the Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

Known as the "Green Enchantress", Columna was a powerful spellcaster living in the city of mages. Like many of the mages of the city, she had stolen a tooth from the Serpent Jawbone of Erstam, the Mad Mage. She also had a spell named after her, Columna's Intuition. She considered it beneath her station to even speak to anyone who was not a mage.

She had a sister, Mosh, but at some point in their adulthood Columna stole some of Mosh's power and abandoned her sister. Mosh became homeless and quite demented, but Columna would deny that the two were even related. This became easier once Columna visited Fawn, the city of Beauty, and secretly stole the Comb of Beauty from the ruler of the city. While she possessed the comb, she could retain youth and incredible beauty.

Columna married Melino, an elderly mage who doted on her. Melino, however, could not satisfy Columna's lusts, so she soon began an affair with another mage, Torrissio. During their prolonged affair, a pair of Columna's moonsilk stockings were stolen from Torrissio's house. Columna suspected that Filbercio, the Magelord, had them stolen. Columna had spurned his advances and suspected he may have hoped to blackmail her. He never did, however. She and Torrissio learned that Stefano had stolen them, but he had been sentenced by the Magelord to the Mountains of Freedom, where none had ever escaped.

At this same time, the teleport storms were ravaging Serpent Isle. The Avatar arrived in the city during that time. After angering Filbercio, the Avatar was sent to the Mountains of Freedom. However, not only did the Avatar manage to escape, but was joined by Stefano in getting out as well. Columna and Torrissio plotted to get revenge on Stefano. This culminated in Columna cursing Stefano; the curse would culminate in a "Death Knight" stalking Stefano until he had been killed.

Unfortunately for Columna, she never lived to see her revenge. She was killed when the Anarchy Bane (possessing the body of Shamino) seized control of the city.


  • If the Avatar is a male and presents the stockings to Columna, she will offer to have sex with him in exchange for getting them back. If the Avatar agrees, however, and hands them over, she immediately destroys them and renounces her bargain.
  • The Avatar can recover the Comb of Beauty before or after Columna's death. If it is taken before she dies, she will revert to her natural state. Note, however, that while Columna acknowledges the change, none of the other characters seem to notice.
  • Columna sells a variety of spells for Guilders
  • Columna's title of "the Green Enchantress" may have been inspired by the "Emerald Witch," (a.k.a. "Lady of the Green Kirtle") from C.S. Lewis's The Silver Chair.

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