The social structure of Monitor, as seen in Ultima VII Part Two, is comprised of three Commands: Bear, Wolf and Leopard. Every Knight belongs to one of these three and each command has a single leader. Monitor is ruled by the leader of a different Command for a portion of each year--they take turns. The Three Commands and whoever keeps the accounts of such things (Treasurer/Bookkeeper) meet at noon every day in the Hall of Monitor to discuss how to run the city and make decisions.

Although mostly unknowingly, the Commands resemble the Order-Chaos-Balance scheme

Bear Command Edit

Bears are the protectors: They have saved Monitor again and again. The city walls were constructed by the Bears. They are tough, strong and powerful. They more or less work within the walls of Monitor. They are identified by an M shaped tattoo on the left cheek. Bears control the Fawn tower, nearest the goblin threats. During the time of Serpent Isle, the leader of the Bears is Caladin.

Members of the Bear Command include:

Leopard Command Edit

Leopards are the peacemakers: They keep balance between the Wolves and Bears. Tattoo is a V shape between the eyebrows. Leopards control the guard tower nearest Monitor. In Serpent Isle, the Leopards' leader is Lord Marsten.

Members of the Leopard Command include:

Wolf Command Edit

Wolves go beyond the walls: They rebuilt the highways, added new roads and established the guard towers. They more or less work beyond the walls of Monitor. Wolves are smart, preferring cunning over brute force. Tattoo is an empty diamond shape on the right cheek. Wolves control the Bull tower. They are regarded as the friendliest of the Commands. In Serpent Isle, their leader is Brendann.

During the course of Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar joins the Wolf Command.

Members of the Wolf Command include:

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