A summoned creature

  • Words of Power: KAL XEN
  • Reagents: SS, MR
  • Circle: 4th

This spell is stronger than Insect Swarm.

Instead of insects, wild animals are conjured to help the caster against their foe. However, these animals are often easily killed by a stronger opponent.

The stronger version of this spell is Summon Daemon.


Beginning mages often find their responsibility onerous, with an entire group of adventurers relying on their meager magical skills for protection and assistance in difficult situations. These novice mages may quickly and frequently turn to Kal Xen to add to the offensive ranks of their party in battle. Kal Xen summons small nasty creatures such as rats and snakes to help in combat. Nasty or not, these summoned beasts are always loyal to the caster, and often direct a foe's attention away from members of the mage's party. Mix mandrake root with spider silk to ensure the beast's loyalty. The local where the mandrake root is gathered influences what type of creature is summoned.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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