Conor Starfalcon
Conor Starfalcon, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: New Magincia

Conor Starfalcon is a farmer in New Magincia in Ultima VI.

Conor was a simple fisherman who worked the shores off the coast of New Magincia. He told the Avatar that he was only interested in learning what he could from the sea and his life as a fisherman. Conor was a deeply spiritual man who believed that the key to enlightenment was not based upon a destination, but the road one travelled. A humble man, Conor felt there was no way that he could be the humblest man in New Magincia, thus actually making him the humblest man in town. Conor told the Avatar the mantra of humility, and was even willing to take the Avatar to the Shrine of Humility if his simple boat had been up for the task.

Conor had one secret he kept from the people of New Magincia. He used to be the leader of the Order of the Silver Serpent. He actually kept a magic silver serpent shield, a souvenir from his days as lead of the Order of the Silver Serpent, hidden under a bush by the docks in New Magincia. Conor was good friends with Koranada of Serpent's Hold back when he was leader of the Order. Koronada still speaks highly of his old friend.

The Avatar was awarded with the Rune of Humility by Lord Antonio, upon telling the mayor that Conor was the humblest man in New Magincia.

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