The created food

  • Words of Power: IN MANI YLEM
  • Reagents: GA, GS, MR
  • Circle: 1st

A number of mages are so deep in their studies of magic, that they feel they shouldn't be bothered with mundane things like domestic issues. Food shopping is out of the question for them, they instead use this spell to create their food. Once created by Lord Stuart the Hungry in Ultima V, it quickly became a standard tool in the magic world.

However, this spell is a waste, since buying food is cheaper than the reagent cost.


A fine bounty of food will be added to your pack.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

Trivia Edit

  • It's true, this spell is mostly a waste of reagents, since it really is cheaper to buy food than to conjure it. Of course that doesn't hold true on Serpent Isle, once one has the Ring of Reagents, or in Ultima Underworld, which costs only mana for an effectively unlimited bounty.

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