This article is about a ship appearing in Ultima VII. For the Crown Jewels of Lord British, see Crown Jewels.

The Crown Jewel is the ship that Hook, Forskis, Elizabeth, and Abraham used to traverse the oceans of Britannia while performing their sinister tasks in Ultima VII.

The Avatar discerned the vessel's nefarious involvement while investigating the brutal murder of Christopher in Trinsic, picking up on its trail but always learning at each successive destination that it had already departed. Fellowship leaders deceitfully claimed to have no knowledge of the ship even as other citizens confirmed it had indeed moored in their town or city. Only under the influence of the small Cube Prism did these particular members—such as Klog of Trinsic and Elynor of Minoc—admit to knowing all too well of the Crown Jewel and Hook's owning of it.

The ship was ultimately found vacant at its final berth in the small bay of the Isle of the Avatar, its crew having already made the journey to oversee the Guardian's imminent arrival through the Black Gate.

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