Cubolt, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Moonglow

Cubolt is a farmer living in Moonglow. He is the older brother of Tolemak.

In Ultima VII he was running a farm together with his brother and their childhood friend Morz. However, Cubolt was unhappy with the fact that Tolemak had joined the Fellowship. When the Avatar spoke to him, he revealed that he gravely disliked the Fellowship, feeling that they brainwashed people, and everyone who had joined was now their slave. He also disliked them because he was a true follower of the Eight Virtues. He had given up on trying to talk his brother in leaving them, but hoped that the Avatar would have more success.

He also was concerned about Morz. Tolemak tried to convince Morz to join the Fellowship, something that Cubolt wanted to prevent at all costs. He explained about Morz's accident that caused him to stutter and then asked the Avatar for help to keep Morz from making a mistake.

The Avatar did help and convinced Morz to stay away from the Fellowship.

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