Culham, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Jhelom

Culham is a bard in Jhelom in Ultima VI.

Culham was a small man who loved to sing and tell tales to the patrons of the 'Sword and Keg'. Culham loved to tell tales of the ghosts that used to haunt Old Magincia, but most of all he loved to sing tales of valor along with Jerris. Culham sang about the mantra of valor 'ra', and how it gave you great strength and bravery when you were in need.

Culham also told a tale of how a group of gypsies once tricked Immanuelle out of a horse. The gypsies snuck a poisonous weed into a horse's trough, making the animal bloated and ill. They then convinced Immanuelle that the horse had an infectious disease called 'arturosis', and if the animal was not destroyed it would infect the rest of the herd. Immanuelle agrees to pay the gypsies to remove the horse from the herd, thinking she had saved the rest of the animals. The gypsies on the other hand have themselves a delicious horse stew.

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