Cynthia, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Britain

Cythia is administrator of the Royal Mint in Ultima VII.

Cythia was a studious young woman who was more than happy to shares the details of her job with the Avatar. She explained how the Britannian Tax Council helped levy funds from the people and used it to fund various projects throughout Britannia. These projects included funding new roads, digging wells, paying for healthcare, maintenance of Castle Britannia, and training guards. Cythia was even willing to help the Avatar by supplying a copy of income tax forms. She also explained how the Britannian Tax Council helped maintain stable prices through the exchange of gold bars and nuggets, exchanging 100 gold coins for gold bars and 10 gold coins for gold nuggets.

When asked about her husband, she admitted that James had been distant lately, and that she was worried about him. Cynthia asked the Avatar to relay her worries, and make sure James knows she loves him. After the Avatar relayed her message, James was greatly relieved.

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