Daphne, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Jhelom

Daphne is a homely barmaid working in Jhelom at the Bunk and Stool.

When the Avatar met Daphne in Ultima VII, she was working at the Bunk and Stool, handling guest's rooms and exchanging barbed comments with her co-worker and house mate, Ophelia. Daphne complained of having to shoulder additional work due to Ophelia's laziness, in addition to the recent absence of the owner, Sprellic who had recently run afoul of the Library of Scars and was facing a duel against three combatants (Syria, Vokes and Timmons). At the time, Daphne was fielding bets against Sprellic, pragmatically assessing the innkeepers poor chances against three trained warriors.

Sprellic, himself, would relate to the Avatar that Daphne was an athletic girl, capable of wrestling unruly patrons to the ground when Ophelia failed to charm them

If asked about Cosmo, Ophelia's "betrothed," Daphne would reveal that the woman had no, intention of marrying her fiance, and that, wishing to be rid of him, she had sent him on a fool's errand to find a unicorn that he might prove his virginity to her. Daphne insinuated that unicorns would have abandoned Ophelia long ago, and stated that she wished Cosmo success on his quest, eager for Ophelia's humiliation and hoping that an enforced marriage would oust her from their shared home.

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