The Dark Path

The Dark Path is a huge network of interconnected passageways residing in the Ethereal Void.

History Edit

It was constructed by the Hierophants under guidance from the three Serpents to facilitate swift, convenient travel between the various Shrines and temples on Serpent Isle. In conjunction with a Serpent Jawbone, it is possible to use one of many Serpent Gates to teleport to the hub of these passageways. Each tooth in the jawbone enables admission to a particular Serpent Gate on the Dark Path, which in turn leads back to its corresponding location on Serpent Isle itself.

The Avatar exploited the Dark Path's network in Ultima VII Part Two as a means to travel unhindered around Serpent Isle.

How it works Edit

The Dark Path is an excellent way to travel fast on the Serpent Isle; however, a Serpent Jawbone is needed to enter it. Also, the fitting teeth are needed to open the doors inside the path, which block the way to the exit gates.

The Serpent Jawbone (originally in Erstam's possession, and later obtained by the Avatar) enables teleport by just using a Serpent Gate. However, the teeth have to be found for the doors inside the path, and then placed into the jawbone. The teeth are small and difficult to find. Here is a list of where to find them:

Target Location Tooth Location
Fawn Vasculio's hideout
Furnace Rotoluncia's manor
Northern Forest Vasculio's hideout
Isle of Crypts given by Xenka after her return
Isles of the Mad Mage given by Erstam
Monitor body in the park of Furnace
Monk Isle given by Erstam
Moonshade given by Erstam
Inn of the Sleeping Bull Batlin's remains
Temple of Discipline Batlin's remains
Temple of Emotion Torrisio's manor after the Banes are freed
Temple of Enthusiasm Batlin's remains
Temple of Ethicality Gustacio's manor after the Banes are freed
Temple of Logic Batlin's remains
Temple of Tolerance given by Stefano (or found in his mansion) after the Banes are freed
Skullcrusher Batlin's remains
Spinebreaker Batlin's remains
Sunrise Isle Yenani after returning her locket from Hazard (after the Banes are freed)

The paths are not marked in any way, so here is a map of the Dark Path and where the various gates lead to.