Baron de Hugh
De Hugh
Baron de Hugh, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Serpent's Hold

Baron de Hugh is a fighter in Serpent's Hold in Ultima VI.

While de Hugh was a skilled fighter, the Avatar found that he had not yet mastered the principle of courage. De Hugh felt it was foolish to be courageous unless one had a group of well-trained warriors to back oneself up. As such, he was in Serpent's Hold trying to gather up a group of fellow warriors to join his quest to travel to the Drylands and slay the gargoyle Sin'Vraal. De Hugh highly respected the Order of the Silver Serpent, and hoped to join their ranks some day, although he admitted that he had not yet accomplished anything worthy of inclusion within their ranks. De Hush highly respected Koranada, believing him firm but fair, and accepted Koranada's decision to currently deny him membership within their ranks.

Koranada told the Avatar that even though de Hugh is a fine warrior, he has not yet learned the definition of courage, so was not yet ready to join the Order of The Silver Serpent.

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