Deadeye, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two

Deadeye is a henchman of Batlin in his mission on the Serpent Isle. He is a pirate with little to no scruples.

Not too much is known about him, although Ruggs had vivid memories of Deadeye being a nasty bully that was easy to anger and become violent. Deadeye accompanied Batlin together with Palos and Brunt on his travel through the Serpent Isle. During that, he impressed Shazzana in Monitor so much in battle, that she even bedded him. However, she declined Batlin's offer to come with them, and so she parted ways with Deadeye. Later in Ultima VII Part Two, he confronted the Avatar in Spinebreaker. He threatened the Avatar to not go any further, before retreating to the entrance to the shrine. There, he attacked together with his companions.

In that battle, he found his death.