Firing a Deathbolt

  • Words of Power: CORP POR
  • Reagents: SA, NS, BP
  • Circle: 7th

This is one of the strongest attack spells available! In earlier times it was fittingly called "Kill".

Casting this spell, a bolt of lethal energy is fired at the foe. In almost all cases this one bolt is deadly, resulting in an instant kill. This is the reason why most mages strive to learn this attack spell as fast as possible. No armour, and no protection helps against the Death Bolt, although some monsters have a natural protection. Still, a devastating weapon.

However, it also means that foes strong in magic want to learn it, too...


The Kill spell is the most powerful of the missile enchantments. It is the favorite of evil wizards and its use is prohibited by most teachers of the mystic arts. Nevertheless, when faced with a foe of singular strength and a truly evil nature, the wise magician will prepare a mixture of the highly toxic Nightshade and mercurial Black Pearl and speak the True-name of the enemy while casting the reagents toward the foe. As the last syllable of the chant fades, all of the target's vital organs shall cease to function for the space of seven heartbeats. This is usually fatal, although some beings of exceptionally hardy constitution will survive a single Kill spell. The enchantment may be woven several times, but takes a fierce toll on the energy and concentration of the caster. It is easier to Dispel a field of vibrant energy than it is to stop the functioning of a living being.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

Regardless of the strength, size or endurance of a foe, Xen Corp will overcome it. Only a creature with intelligence capable of greater concentration than that used in the casting, and capable of recognizing the intent before the spell is completed, has a chance of escaping death when assailed by Xen Corp. Mix nightshade that has never seen light with the blackest pearl. Pour the powder into a small lead capsule and seal with black wax. While intoning the spell, hurl the capsule at the foe selected for destruction.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • Death Bolt was known as Kill in Ultima IV.
  • Dragons are immune to Death Bolt.
  • Liches (post-Ultima IV) love to use Death Bolt for an instant kill against the Avatar, this is why they are so dangerous.

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