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Death Gulch, Ultima III

The city of Death Gulch, situated on an island on the east side of Sosaria and only reachable by ship, was a hive of darkness and corruption during the Third Age of Darkness in Ultima III.

Criminals and evil forces made this city their home, and the so-called "guards" were brutal and corrupt strongmen, only little better than the other scum in this hole. And some even worse things lurked in the lava deep within the mountains -- including daemons. On the other hand, a fortune could be here made by a clever thief -- but not even Death Gulch's guards would tolerate such brazen acts.

With the destruction of Exodus, the cataclysm changed the world, and Death Gulch was destroyed.

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Few travelers venture to this hold of death, but those who pass its gates find much to see. I did visit the pub, of course, as well as the armoury and the weapons shop. All were well-stocked with merchandise available for those who could pay the price
Rumours abound here, of hidden paths that lead to great stores of valuable treasure. I did not tarry, though, not care to investigate the tales. Should thy party choose to enter this heathen pit, select thy path with care, for it will lead either to great fortune or to thy death. - Sir Simon the Slayer

- from Secrets of Sosaria (Ultima III)