The Deceiver

The Deceiver is one of the most powerful weapons found in Pagan during Ultima VIII.

In Pagan, there are rumors about a mighty, magic battle-axe which can slay even the strongest foe: the Deceiver. These rumors, which have since proven to be true, place the axe near the Hall of the Mountain King, on a small island in Stone Cove.

The Avatar first read about the Deceiver in a book, which tried to disprove magic. Following these hints on the way to Lithos, the hero managed to reach the island using carefully-timed jumps on the sinking stones of Stone Cove. There, the Avatar found the Deceiver.

It is unknown what happened to the weapon after the Avatar left Pagan.

Lore Edit

The third instance of magic which I have disproven beyond the shadow of a doubt is the alleged existance of a magical axe called Deceiver. This axe is supposed to be found on a small island off of Stone Cove. The island, which can not be seen by land, is supposed to be reached by stones which rise above the water, only to sink again in a matter of moments. As I had no intention of going through those awful catacombs, I sailed to Stone Cove to investigate. I can assure one and all that there is no island off of Stone Cove and there certainly is no magical axe. Nor did I see any rising and sinking stones.
Of course, the stones were the only plausible part of this ridiculous story. I did think it quite possible for The Lurker to create just such a thing so that She may amuse Herself. So there you have it, dear reader. Irrefutible proof that there is no magic in the world other than that which the Titans have chosen to create. I realize that this book may take a little bit of fantasy out of some people's daily lives, but if we are to better serve our Lady, we must all live in the here and now.

- from Dispelling Myths, the Truth about Magic (Ultima VIII)

Trivia Edit

  • The Deceiver is the magic weapon that is hardest to find, thanks to the jump-puzzle.
  • In terms of strength, only Bonecrusher is a stronger weapon.

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