Delin, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Fawn

Delin was the owner of the provision shop in Fawn, a city on the Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

A good-humored man, Delin met a woman named Elissia, who had come to Fawn from Moonshade. Although she was from a city of mages, Elissia apparently "had not a drop of magic aside from her smile." She and Delin were married and had two children: Alyssand and Freli. Unfortunately, Elissia died giving birth to Freli while Alyssand was an adolescent. Though he loved both his children, Delin took a special delight in Freli since the boy favored his departed wife more. Sadly, when he was still a young child, the Magister of Moonshade arrived and upon discovering the boy had magical abilities, promptly took him back to Moonshade to have him raised in the Seminarium. Between his wife's death and his son's removal, Delin became a little detached. Alyssand, now a young adult, helped him run his provision shop. Delin thought Alyssand fussed over him a little too much, though he was delighted when she became engaged to a sailor named Keth.

Soon thereafter, a series of Teleport Storms began to ravage the island. Keth was struck by one of the storms and disappeared. Not long after, a storm transported Alyssand's engagement ring and some money she had stored for Delin's shop. Both of these were recovered by the Avatar, who soon arrived in Fawn. One of the Avatar's companions, Dupre, was put on trial for heresy and both sides called Delin as a character witness. As confused and nervous as he was, he could offer little help to either side, even suggesting to introduce Dupre to Alyssand.

Delin was overjoyed when the Avatar returned many days later (having ventured to Moonshade) with a letter from Freli to his father. Freli wrote that he enjoyed what he was doing but missed his father and sister.

Like most of the citizens of Fawn, Delin was killed when the Insanity Bane (possessing the body of Iolo) destroyed the city.