Dell, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

Dell is a provisioner in Trinsic in Ultima VII. He comes across as a grumpy, unpleasant and self-absorbed man, caring for his business and not much else. His shop is situated along the street called Paladin's Path, a little ways north of Chantu's practice.

Dell was a store owner and Fellowship member who might have at one point been a fighter of some sort. During interactions with him, he proved remarkably rude to the Avatar and often complained about the lack of money spent at his establishment. Notably, Dell was also apparently fleeced by Sullivan, or some other imposter in the guise of the Avatar, for twenty gold coins. This occurred a week before the actual Avatar's arrival, a fact which might explain his gruff behavior towards the true Avatar as a customer.

Price List Edit

Dell's prices are as follows:

Prices: Ammunition Edit

  • Arrows: 10 gold per dozen
  • Crossbow Bolts: 15 gold per dozen

Prices: Armour Edit

  • Leather Armour: 40 gold
  • Leather Helm: 25 gold
  • Leather Leggings: 25 gold
  • Chain Leggings: 70 gold
  • Wooden Shield: 15 gold

Prices: Weapons Edit

  • Bow: 30 gold
  • Club: 15 gold
  • Dagger: 10 gold
  • Mace: 15 gold
  • Sling: 10 gold
  • Sword: 50 gold
  • Two-Handed Hammer: 60 gold
  • Two-Handed Sword: 80 gold

Prices: Provisions Edit

  • Backpack: 12 gold
  • Bedroll: 15 gold
  • Bucket: 2 gold
  • Lockpick: 8 gold
  • Swamp Boots: 40 gold
  • Torch: 4 gold

Trivia Edit

  • Dell's shop contains a secret door leading to his supply room. It can be opened by moving the wooden shield in his building main room and then pulling the lever hidden behind it.

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