Denton, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Serpent's Hold

Denton is the knight running the tavern of Serpent's Hold in Ultima VII.

Denton was known for always wearing his armour and having problems expressing himself. When meeting him in his tavern, Denton first recognised Dupre, and asked if his book was making progress. When asked about Serpent's Hold itself, Denton was easily able to tell its coordinates as well as its other inhabitants

Lady Jehanne had tried to improve Denton's sense of humor, however, the first joke was already so old, that even Spark commented that humor wasn't Denton's specialty. Of the others, he was especially fond of Lady Tory, who helped him to become more open-minded, and Sir Horffe, whose story he told the Avatar. He also revealed that Sir Richter was helping him to learn gambling.

Finally, when asked for help in the case of the vandalized statue, Denton felt that the Avatar should first talk to Sir Richter, since he had something that could be important for the case.


  • Denton, like many characters in Serpent's Hold, resembles a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation, specifically Data.

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