Desbet is a wingless gargoyle and the secretary and bodyguard of the current king of the gargoyles, Vasagralem, in Ultima IX.

Prior to Ultima IX, he and Vasagralem had to go into exile, when the gargoyles fell to pride, moving to an Underwater City. Later, his master sent him out to find the thief of the purple codex lens, a task in which he seemed to have succeeded, as the lens was later found in Vasagralem's possession.

When the Avatar met him in Yew after the destruction of the underwater city and Raven being thrown into dungeon Wrong, he blamed the Avatar of having fulfilled his role as The False Prophet after all with the destruction of his people. Only after seeing the queen-egg did he realize that there was still hope for his kind, and allowed the Avatar to speak to Vasagralem.

Trivia Edit

  • Desbet translates roughly to "Little Fall" or perhaps "A Little Way Down" in Gargish, potentially implying he is not far beneath the earth like the other gargoyles.

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