• Words of Power: AN JUX
  • Reagents: SA, BM
  • Circle: 2nd

More often than not, the dungeons of Britannia are littered with traps, especially on tempting chests that promise a rich reward. However, these traps are invisible until the unwary is close enough to be injured by them. Corridors littered with human remains are suspicious, and chests can contain acid, poison, sleep, or bomb traps.

However, defense against these traps is possible.

After knowing the location of these traps with the Detect Trap spell, they can be safely disarmed with the Detroy Trap spell, allowing the mage to either safely pass or gather the loot.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a rather mean trap in front of the Tetrahedron Generator which can be disarmed with this spell.

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