Dezana, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Skara Brae

Dezana is a healer in Skara Brae in Ultima VI.

The Avatar found Dezana to be a large, serious woman who seemed quite knowledgeable about the healing arts and the deceased. Dezana was willing to offer curing, healing, and resurrection services to the Avatar, but unlike many healers in Britannia, she was unwilling to waive her fees if the Avatar was penniless. She was fond of Stivius, and appreciated the attentions he paid her. She thought it unlikely that the Gargoyles were behind Quenton's death since Stivius was witness to the murder, and she felt they would have also killed him if responsible.

Dezana believed that Quenton was not a lost soul, and that if his ghost had been seen, he was liking trying to communicate important information to the living. Dezana told the Avatar that the dead can not physically speak to the living, but they can make their intentions known by manipulating the environment. She felt that the ghost of Quenton could likely point guilt at his murderer this way.

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