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Disquiqui Tribesmen

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Disquiqui Tribesmen
Disquiqui male
Disquiqui Tribesmen, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire
Disquiqui female

Disquiqui - female

The Disquiqui Tribesmen are the mainstay of the Disquiqui Tribe in Savage Empire.

The Disquiqui tribesmen, much like their leaders, were very drunk when the Avatar arrived in their village. The Disquiqui had little interest in affairs outside of their village, and had a hard time understanding the concept of a 'job'. They were little interested in Moctapotl, figuring him to be too boring and serious. They were very impressed by their leader Chafblum and their shaman Larrifin, despite his lack of useful skills. They were quick to tell the Avatar where Jimmy Malone was being held.

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