The Djinn Bottle

This is a bottle with a Air Djinn inside. A special kind of Daemon, very dangerous and aggressive, but also powerful. It is very important in Ultima Underworld II.

The Avatar was told by Zoranthus in the Pits of Carnage of the bottle. He was willing to give it to the Avatar in exchange for a Scepter of Deadly Seeker from the red zone of the Void. He warned the Avatar that without certain magical bounds the Djinn would immediately kill whomever used the bottle.

Taking a bath in Filanium Mud enriched with Basilisk Oil, baking it on the skin with lava and perfecting the coating with a rockflesh-potion, the Avatar broke the bottle on the Sigil of Binding, trapped the Djinn within himself, and used it to destroy the Blackrock Dome with the Horn of Praecor Loth.

Trivia Edit

  • Another Djinn Bottle can be found in the purple treasure chamber in the Void.

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