Dorstag, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Pits of Carnage

Dorstag is the undisputed champion of the Pits of Carnage.

Dorstag was the best warrior of the world, feeling himself invincible. However, when he ran afoul of a duke, the noble took him prisoner with ten men while he was sleeping. Dorstag however didn't drown in despair, but used his skills to fast become the top warrior in the Pits. Nonetheless, he became careless when going with some of his men deeper into the pits. A confrontation with the Troll Blog cost him all the men in the group, and Blog gave him a nasty scar he would never forget. Since then, Dorstag feared Blog.

Prior to Ultima Underworld II, the Blackrock Gem appeared in the Pits of Carnage, and Dorstag killed the man who found it and took the gem for his own as a lucky charm. When the Avatar later demanded to have it, even offering to duel for its possession, Dorstag merely used his guards to remove the Avatar from his presence.

There were two possible outcomes after this:

Variant A

After talking to Krilner and Zogith, it became clear to the Avatar that Dorstag needed to be impressed by challenging the sorceress Zaria, the second strongest in the Pits. After her death, Dorstag was willing to duel, but tried to get the Avatar to spell the challenge, so that he could chose the Arena of Fire which was to his advantage. However, the Avatar was more clever, and mentioned that Dorstag was too afraid because he feared a matching scar on the other side.

Enraged, Dorstag challenged the Avatar, confident that he would win anyway. However, that was not the case, and he died in the following duel.

Variant B

Leaving Dorstang for the time being, the Avatar explored the deeper levels of the Pits until finding the "House of Games" of the Troll Blog in the deepest level. Blog turned out to be quite a peaceful fellow, and wanted the Avatar to play a game of black and white stones with him. The Avatar however had something even better for Blog: a grey stone for many new forms of games. Blog declared the Avatar his friend, and offered to help retrieve the Blackrock gem.

Returning to Dorstag, the Avatar again demanded the gem. With the sudden appearance of Blog, Dorstag was all too eager to give up the gem. After this, it was easy to return and challenge Dorstag into a duel.

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