Dr. Rafkin
Dr. Rafkin, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Professor Elliot Archimedes Rafkin is a friend of the Avatar on Earth, and the curator of a museum of natural history.

The Avatar, after numerous strange dreams, visited his friend in Savage Empire to conduct some tests on his Orb of the Moons. However, something went gravely wrong and, together with the museum laboratory, they were sucked into a portal to Eodon. After the Avatar's original encounter with Darden, Rafkin was captured by the Yolaru Tribe, where he became their "schweitzer" (a play on Albert Schweitzer).

In the group helping the Avatar, Dr. Rafkin was the brains, helping with the creation of various objects, including rifles and explosives, and the identification of potassium nitrate. He also made various theories about how the valley of Eodon came to be, which later were proven right by a Xorinite Wisp. Rafkin was also knowledgeable of the various tribes, and answered many questions about their customs.

However, he decided at the end to stay on Eodon, finding it to be a fascinating place.

Lore Edit

Rafkin has a talent with people. His enthusiasm for science is so infectious that it drags others in its wake. He can speak with an entrepreneur for half an hour, on topics which could not interest the person less -- shipwrecks off the coast of Turkey, recurrences of legends between Greeks and Aztecs, spectroscopic analyses of moon-rocks -- and walk away with a generous check, an endowment to his museum. This isn't manipulation: He never intends to come away with money. But he does, again and again.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire)

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