Dragon Edition box


The leather-bound manuals

The Dragon Edition was a special edition of Ultima IX, released in 1999. It was named after the Ultima Dragons fanclub and was mainly released in the United States with only a few copies available elsewhere. Its original retail price was significantly higher than the standard game and it is now often resold for high prices on auction sites like eBay, if in good condition.

The Content Edit

Compared to the normal edition, the following items were different or added:

  • Larger box measuring 31 x 38 cm. Its colors were also improved.
  • Ultima Collection CD, identical to the original, containing all of the original content.
  • Ultima IX Soundtrack CD, although it is a cropped version, with some of the tracks missing.
  • Ankh amulet trinket, although not identical to the one from Ultima IV.
  • Poster of the Ascension cover, where the ascending Avatar is grabbed by the Guardian's hand.
  • Certificate from Richard Garriott, thanking for the purchase and hinting at his future plans.
  • The Journal and the Spellbook bound in synthetic leather, with the cover illustrations pressed into the material.
  • Mini illustration of the Tapestry of Ages.

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