Dragon Turtles
Dragon Turtle, from Ultima I manual
First appearance: Ultima I
Last appearance: Ultima I / Serpent Isle?

In the old days of Sosaria, dragon turtles were a real danger for all ships. Protected by their strong shell, and attacking with strong fire breath, these seaborne monsters were very dangerous. Thankfully, with the end of Mondain, they died out in Sosaria and became a terror of the past.

Dragon Turtles only appeared in Ultima I and vanished afterwards when Sosaria was thundered apart. However, one has to wonder if the turtle seen in Ultima VII Part Two is a dragon turtle (see below). Even if it is, all indications are that dragon turtles are almost extinct on Serpent Isle as well.

Lore Edit

These fire-breathing, aquatic dragons inhabit the seas around Sosaria and are considered an even greater menace to mariners than the winds of a typhoon. They are protected by a shell tougher than enchanted plate armour, and thus are extraordinarily difficult to defeat in combat.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

Notable Examples Edit


The Turtle

  • The Turtle in Ultima VII Part Two that brings the party to Erstam's isle, while not explicitly identified as such, seems to be a dragon turtle. Since it doesn't seem to possess the evil temperament of a dragon turtle, it could also be a nod to the archelons seen in Eodon, as those beasts were used to cross bodies of water in Savage Empire.

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