Drake, from Ultima VII manual
First appearance: Ultima VI
Last appearance: Ultima VII Part Two

Drakes are young dragons. They share the same abilities as their elders, but are weaker due to their younger age. It takes centuries before a drake matures into a dragon. The same rules for dragons apply for drakes, but of course it is easier to defeat them.

They can be found anywhere dragons can be found, again, Dungeon Destard is the best place to look.

In Ultima VI, Drakes seemed to be quite small. This was changed in Ultima VII, where drakes appeared to be only a little smaller than dragons.



Smaller than their cousins, the dragons, but no less ferocious in battle, drakes are usually found in the company of their more formidable relatives. In a battle against a dragon, one must be ever mindful of the deadly drakes.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

This creature is a dragon that has not yet fully grown to adulthood, a process that takes several hundred years. Like its mature relatives, this creature can also breathe fire and fly. It is commonly found in the lair of a dragon.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Notable examplesEdit

  • Rudyom the mage in Cove has a pet drake in Ultima VI. It sometimes spits small flames to annoy the Avatar and the party.
  • Although not mentioned in the documentation, the frost dragons of the Isle of Frost Dragons do have young drakes in their lair.