Draxta, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monk Isle

Draxta is one of the Xenkan Monks of Serpent Isle.

When the Avatar met her in Ultima VII Part Two on Monk Isle, Draxta made it clear that she would follow Karnax's example and not reveal too much about Xenka's prophecies to the Avatar, apart from general information. She feared that coming too close to the Avatar could bring on the end of the world. That didn't stop her from suggesting that the Avatar read the books of the prophecies, however.

She spoke a lot about Xenka herself, how she'd vanished from the world, and generally glorified her. She also spoke of the Place of Visions, where she was leading the services every day, explaining how it is possible to see a vision there. She also spoke of Xenka's last three visions there.

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