Draygan, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Northern Encampment

Draygan is the leader of the Northern Encampment in Ultima VII Part Two

Draygan was once a Knight of Monitor of the Leopard Command. He was first met in the Northern Forest of Serpent Isle, where he had become the self-declared leader of the Northern Encampment after he killed those who opposed him. Draygan was responsible for the theft of the Forest Master’s Orb of Elerion, which made him almost invulnerable and allowed taking over the camp. He also killed nearly all of the settlers when they disobeyed him.

Following Beryl's instructions, the Avatar used an arrow treated with the King's Saviour flower to make Draygan fall asleep, enabling the hero to take the Orb and kill him.

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