The Dream Herb

The Dream Herb is a plant with really strange effects, which grows in places where people have died. Upon eating it, the next time anyone goes to sleep, that person will appear in the Dream World, as if they had entered it physically. However, the presence there isn't of substance.

The Avatar used it in Ultima Underworld II to enter the Shrine of Spirituality in the Dream World and remove one of the Blackrock Gems. The Avatar also gave some to Mokpo, so that he could flee into his dream land, giving some useful information in the process on how to get by certain obstacles.


  • While items picked up in the Dream World under this herb's influence could not be kept, visitors could move and manipulate items.
  • "Real-world" inventory is not available when entering the Dream World using the herb.
  • Dying while in the Dream World while under the influence of the herb results in the "dead" person waking up.

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