Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two

Drogeni is mentioned only a couple of times in Ultima VII Part Two:Serpent Isle, and the Avatar never meets her. She is known to be an enchantress and was the love of Erstam.

Back in the early days of the Serpent Isle colonization, a miser named Purlonio, merchant of Moonshade (though a recent-day legend calls him Triphako) accumulated great wealth but feared losing it and called on an enchantress for help. That enchantress was Drogeni. Drogeni foretold Purlonio would lose all his wealth in the near future, so Purlonio cooked up a plan to outsmart fate. He hired Drogeni and took everything he owned on a ship up north. He got Drogeni to fashion the maze of tunnels on the ice island (now called the Isle of Frost Dragons) so that no one would survive it without a magic map. Finally, he had Drogeni conjure up an Ice Dragon to guard his riches. Purlonio and Drogeni then sailed south, and he killed Drogeni so that she could never reveal his secrets (the legend of Triphako says the miser pushed the Wizard overboard and drowned 'him'). When Drogeni was killed the map vanished, and of course Purlonio never saw his gold again.

Near the very start of the game the Avatar can find a skeleton in a cave in southern Serpent Isle, which has a scroll from Erstam addressed to Drogeni. This may well be the mortal remains of the enchantress.

Trivia Edit

  • 'Drogeni' is an anagram of 'Ignored'.
  • If the remains in the cave are Drogeni's, it is unfortunate that one can't show the scroll to Erstam to let him know of her fate.

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